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Aug. 29th, 2013 10:32 pm
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I stole this from [ profile] ames1010:

1. You have 50 dollars in your pocket, what do you do with it?
Probably spend it on yummy food and wine. I love to cook (and eat) and a good bottle of wine goes with it! :D

2. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Death Becomes Her. Worst movie EVAH!!!!

3. Have you ever seen someone die?
No, but I've seen someone dead.

4. Describe a favorite memory.
I don't know when it was, but I was rather small, maybe 6 years old or so, and I was in bed with the flu / a cold / something like that. My mother and my little sister (she couldn't have been older than 3) came into my bedroom and gave me a little present they'd made for me: It was a collage of a "man" they'd put together from dried autumn leaves (pasted onto a sheet of paper). I remember we hung that collage over my bed, but I have no idea what happened to it later. It's one of the best gifts I ever got (if not the best) and one of my fondest memories. :-)))

5. If you could choose one place on earth to live, where would that be?
Easy: Manhattan!

6. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Rhythmn Is A Dancer. Don't ask why.

7. Did you have braces?
Loose ones, for a brief period of time. Didn't wear them much, though.

8. What is the last book you bought?
Night Film by Marisha Pessl

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy recently?
Yep. See my last post.

10. What do you want most in life?
My loved ones (friends and family) to be safe and sound.

11. Are you in love?

12. Fiction, Non-fiction, or both?
Fiction. And popular non-fiction science (like Simon Singh: The Code Book, Fermat's Last Theorem and Big Bang or Douglas Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher, Bach)

13. What does your Livejournal name mean?
It's the title of a Leonard Cohen song.

14. What kind of person do you think you are?
I think I'm a pretty avarage person. I do have a good mind and I like to think I'm fair towards other people.

15. Do you believe there is nothing higher than human kind?
I don't believe in a "higher power" or something like that. But I wouldn't want to apply a hierarchy to what I (claim to) know exists. At least not one that says "higher" = "better" = "worth more". Human beings are pretty far evolved (if you can apply something like "far" here), but so are fire ants, woodpeckers and viruses.

16. Which fictional character could you most see yourself marrying?
About eleven years ago someone asked me if that guy on my desktop was my husband. It was Annie Leibovitz' portrait of Alan Rickman as Snape. *g* I wouldn't want to marry him (Snape, that is), though.
I seriously have no idea!

17. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
Elisabeth I.

18. Name an obvious quality you have.
I have a very good memory. I know tons of useless trivia.

19. Do you have an all time favorite song?
Two: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel and Find The River by R.E.M.

20. What type of friends do you like?
People I can talk to and laugh with. And cry with - for joy or sorrow. People I know I can call or ring their doorbell at 3am - and people who I'm certain would do the same with me.


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