Mar. 2nd, 2014

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Dear flist,

I know I've been rather silent during the last couple of months/years...

But *gasps* there have been some fanish goings on in my life recently. I dabbled in the Sherlock fandom a bit, still love it dearly, but never really got to write anything... Had a couple of ideas, started a fic or two, but never really got into it.

Well, then (a couple of months ago) came Suits. AND I'M ADDICTED!!! I've written (and posted) two Harvey/Mike fics so far - and they're omegaverse fics at that! O_O

I, for the life of me, still can't fathom what attracts intelligent and independent women (of a certain age) to write (fan)fic set in a universe so predominently structured by gender stereotypes. (And if I was still at uni (doing my literature studies thing) I'd have a field day with deconstructing all that, organising lectures and conferences around it, but those days have passed, and that is that.)

I've been sucked into it body and, yes, maybe even soul - and here I am, writing fanfic under that premisses. I think I've even found a beta, having been to shy and to self-conscious to ask any of you guys to beta-read that stuff for me (though I did think of asking you, [ profile] salixbabylon, thinking that we might engage in some interesting meta discussions about the whole omegaverse set up - but in the end I was to chicken to do so...). Well, anyways. That's what I've been doing.

Oh, and something extremely weird happened (at least to my perception). While browsing the omegaverse tags on AO3, I got sucked into the 1D fandom as well. I'd never even heard a song by 1D when I started reading around in that fandom, but I've been pretty much watching Larry Stylinson stuff on youtobe and reading Larry fanfic non stop for the last couple of days.

I don't even know if any of you guys are into that fandom or if I really want to spend more than a brief stint there, but...

It has been eating my life for the last couple of days, if I'm perfectly honest. (And I can't help but notice that Larry Stylinson is the Viggorli of today. The shippers are at least equally as crazy and tinhatted as we were back in the days... It's INSANE!!!!)



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