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[livejournal.com profile] melacita (I'm referring to Mel, of course... I seem to have forgotten how to do that 'lj user' tag...[ETA: Haha, NOW it's working!! It's like riding a BIKE!!!]) started it, so here we go...


Work has been crazy during the last two years. Hubby and I moved to Berlin 2 years ago because of my work. Things have been declining work-wise for a year or two before that. Too long a story to tell, but the move to Berlin was a good thing nevertheless. We found a great flat here and we both love Berlin tons.
One of the reasons we moved here was that I didn't want to travel back and forth between two cities all the time (Munich and Berlin back then). So I'm sure all of you guys will appreciate the irony when I tell you that less than a year after we moved here I got a job offer to work at an internet start up in Hamburg.
I took that offer - wanting to venture into the "new world" of online business, wanted to learn things I didn't know and wanted to work with cool young people (and be paid extraordinarly well).

Well, I took that offer, rented a sencond flat in Hamburg and was back to the good old back and forth travelling in a blink.

We've been doing that for a year now and just recently I was let go because of some very, very ridiculous things going on at my new company I just couln't agree with - neither personally nor economically (re the prospects of my company). So I got the sack.
Thank Merlin, the sack came with two month full pay after I left (i.e. September and October) plus a "Abfindung" (= another month's pay on top).
Good think = two to three months on full pay without work. Bad thing: Having to apply for unemployment pay plus having to find a new job by New Year (better earlier than that).

Well, we'll see...


Live is good - apart from all the things mentioned above. Things are going great with hubby, though the unemployment thing scares me shitless. I'm just not the kind of gal for that. But I'm confident things will work out. They simply have to.


No such thing these days. Love Sherlock, but don't write. I'm devoid of creativity these days. Maybe it'll come back, dunno. We'll see.

Life II

I have tons of projects I'd like to pursue during the next couple of months. No idea if any of them will see the light of day. After all, I'm still in shock, not to mention scared shitless. I know I have a good CV, but I've never been in that kind of situation before. I'm not prepared for this. Well, I'll find a way and won't be too scared. *bites nails*

Everything else

There isn't much else, I'm afraid. A bit preoccupied, me. But we'll see, won't we?


I've been reading all your posts during the last couple of years. I don't know why I almost never commentend. I'm sorry. That's all I can say. Thank you guys for still being there and having me around. I sure do miss you!!

*hugs flist*
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