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Hello, everyone... *waves* (I know some of you are still here, so... :D )

I haven't posted in AGES (again, sorry) but I'm reading my flist every day - so I am keeping up with you guys... *g*

In case you were wondering what I've been up to recently, have a look at my brand new (okay, semi-new) AO3 profile:


I've been writing FIC!! Suits slash, to be precise. Marvey slash to be even more precise.

Matter Over Mind is a series of five Marvey fics set in an omegaverse scenario:

- Part 1: Matter Over Mind (NC-17, 11.735 words)
- Part 2: Secrets And Lies (NC-17, 6.524 words)
- Part 3: What It Is (NC-17, 17.415 words)
- Part 4: A Million Little Pieces (NC-17, 10.516 words)
- Part 5: How To Dress Like Harvey Specter (R, 5.226 words)

They are all Alhpa!Harvey and Omega!Mike. And because of the whole omega!verse thing they all come with heat sex/mating cycles, knotting, slight dub-con (because of the heat thing) and marking/bonding.

No Needles is a new series I just started. It's a Marvey D/s story with BDSM elements, and the first part is nearly finished (3 of 4 chapters have been posted, the last one will be posted tomorrow or the day after.)

- Part 1: No Needles (NC-17, 7.487 words so far, will be appr. 13k when finished)

And then there is a small series of so far four tumblr comment fics. All short, all but one fluffy. :-)

I think that's all the news that fit to print regarding the state of me... How are you guys doing??
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